Philip J. Hilts

Memory's Ghost: The Nature of Memory and The Strange Tale of Mr. M

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A look at what is working in global health around the world, and why we have cause for hope.
Books and Articles
The only history of the Food and Drug Administration, this book tells the story of the fight over using science as the basis of public policy. Named a New York Times Notable Book of the Year.
This book is an investigation of the tobacco industry's forty-year disinformation campaign on cigarette smoking, from Hilts, who was the reporter who broke the story of the tobacco companies' thousands of pages of secret documents. His reports were among those that started the "tobacco wars" in the United States, which continue today in the courts. Selected as one of the “ten best books of the year” by Business Week, and was a finalist in the London Financial Times global business book awards.
The story of Mr. M, whose memory was removed accidentally during a surgey in 1953, and what we began to learn about memory from his case. Traces the study of memory over the past 3,000 years in science and literature, and through Henry's case tells about the matter and meaning of memory.
A penetrating look at the human side of science, and how the human element drives the rational endeavor. Examines the quirky lives and work of three founding scientists in artificial intelligence, molecular biology and particle physics. A finalist for the National Book Award.